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Musical Misconceptions

Jeff Ostrowski at CCW blogged about the “problem” of not having approval for non-Gradual liturgical music or, I think, music composed and published by people adhering to an antiphonary yet to be really updated after Vatican II. In it he referred to … Continue reading

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Make-Work At Liturgy

At PrayTell, Fritz Bauerschmidt teased out a comment by Tony Phillips: Lay readers, ‘extraordinary’ ministers, altar servers (as the job is now constituted)–these are all other examples of ‘make-work’ jobs whose sole purpose is to make people feel like they’re … Continue reading

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The young miss emailed me this link and commented, “I thought this was interesting.” Good for her. Like one commentator, I also wish I had written it, as I can agree with every line composed. I think fathers contribute a lion’s … Continue reading

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Mutuae Relationes 35: Promoting an Active Life in the Church

Let’s wrap up Chapter V, in which we’ve spent thirteen posts on reviewing and exploring a bit of the formative aspect of the relations between bishops and religious. Don’t forget: you can check the full document online here. 35. The … Continue reading

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Evangelization Moving

Our parish was featured on a video produced by our colleagues and consultants at Evangelical Catholic. You can see some of the testimony from my staff colleagues and parishioners.

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True Cold Blue

One of my favorite astronomy pictures was featured yesterday on the APOD site: icy white clouds casting shadows on Neptune’s blue haze below. This planet is unimaginably cold, but has winds double the speed of a passenger jet.

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DPPL 224: St. John the Baptist From The Bible

Saint John, also called the Forerunner, is found in all four gospels: 224. St. John the Baptist, the son of Zachary and Elizabeth, straddles the both Old and New Testaments. His parents were reckoned as “just before God” (Lk 1, … Continue reading

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