The young miss emailed me this link and commented, “I thought this was interesting.”

Good for her. Like one commentator, I also wish I had written it, as I can agree with every line composed. I think fathers contribute a lion’s share of the self-worth with which their daughters emerge into adult life. It is our job vocation.

I understand that Google attracts businesses that want to sell women things they think will make them appealing. But real appeal has little to nothing to do with product. It comes from within, that sense of self-esteem that permits a person to live life on the terms they find with their God and their own discernment. Not what anybody else thinks.

Alas, I know some young men who are also fixated on things like this: pleasing women, bosses, and others. Same message for them.

I still disbelieve that the culture is somehow overrun with too much self-esteem. A lot of what passes for self-esteem is really a poser’s mask trying to cover up deeper insecurities. There is very little self-esteem in the modern world. Alas.

For the upcoming synod on the family, this is the kind of thing the Church could be exploring. Parents may distrust the indifference of bishops to child protection, but if we were more prepared to help them raise children well, I think that would be part of the solution to recovering lost credibility. As it is, we seem to expend too much in beating people down. In that sense, we and our institution have been coopted by the dominant secular culture as much as anyone we accuse in turn.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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