Game Over

NPR Sunday interviewed Rocco Palmo, the blogosphere’s whisperer. Some key spots:

Game Over

You have new cardinals from … places that never been thought of having a cardinal. And somebody said to me, it’s not that these guys are going to elect the next pope, it’s that one of them can be the next pope. And if that happens, you know, again, the pope has absolute power in the church. So it’s basically, for anyone who wants to go back to the way things were before Francis, it’s game over.

If you thought Buenos Aires was the periphery before, hold on to your hat, I guess.

Upset for not doing their will

(On his blog, Cardinal Wuerl) basically fired away at the conservative critics of Francis to say what every dissent, progressive or conservative, in the history of the church has had in common it’s that people get upset at the pope for not doing what they want him to do. But it’s not about them. It’s about Jesus. It’s about his church.

I think that’s right. The elder sibling on the porch is the constant. Two years ago, they thought they had the Father’s ear. Today they know they don’t. It was about them two years ago–lubricating their own slot next to the pope. And it’s still about them today. It’s about doing the Father’s will, not the pout brigade outside the front door.

The essence of ministry is about looking out, moving out, serving on the fringes.

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