I noticed a flurry of links at Pewsitter about a priest threatening legal action against a Canadian blogger. The former is a fellow Rochesterian who founded and still heads Salt and Light Television, Canada’s version of EWTN. Except not as fringe. The latter has garnered much sympathy in the conservative blogosphere for his persecution.

When I checked out the “Vox’s” site, some nice music played in the background. “Rosicanisms” are presumably posts about Fr Thomas Rosica, and there are 36 of them. Only four categories out of about 200 have more. One post on this past Wednesday. Two on Monday. Two last month. Five in January. For a blogger who posts under the pseudonym suggesting music and liturgy, his last liturgy post was November 28th. If you ask me, it seems like a rather creepy targeting of a public figure by a guy who started off with a music blog and seems to have swirled into a vortex since last October’s synod.

On the other hand, Fr Rosica is well acquainted with the blogosphere. He mentions negativity in this video from over five years ago. Talk like charity and such makes no friends in the pajamasphere.

The webhost has until Sunday to take down his 36 posts and issue an apology or further action will be considered.

I wonder how much injury Fr Rosica has suffered from this guy. Is it really a badge of embarrassment to be tagged with conservative theobabble terms? My sense from the outside is that “Rosicanisms” are a matter for the blogger and his confessor. Upping the ante gives the impression this is a feud somehow and there are two more or less equal antagonists … the Hatfield and the McCoys … Arsenal and Spurs … yin and yang.

On the other hand, we could all be in for a lot of entertainment this Lent that veers perilously close to sinful matter.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to Creepy

  1. John McGrath says:

    Canadian law is not so wild west on false “facts” and respects the right of a person to a reputation not smeared by false accusations or weird harassments. Fox News, for instance, is not allowed a Canadian affiliate because the Canadian authorities have clear proof that Fox News lies. The crude American right wing has no idea how horrid they seem to people who try to live decently and respect their neighbors. Of course Roger Ailes, founder and head of Fox New and a convert to right wing Catholicism, mocks his own audience. He sees his viewers as stupid, but useful idiots in advancing his right wing agenda.

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