Sister Mary Ann Walsh

CNS has a nice feature on Sister Mary Ann Walsh. She’s the journalist snapped up by America‘s Matt Malone from the USCCB. Sr Walsh had worked as a spokesperson for the bishops for years. Now we can read more of her own opinions.

I was impressed with her nuanced commentary on disgraced talking tv head Brian Williams:

If he did get caught up in image-enhancing, he should not have done so, but there is a lot of blame to go around.

How about blaming the network that wanted him in the dangerous situation to boost ratings? How about the military seeking news coverage by putting soldiers into P.R. work and facilitating it by escorting Williams over the perilous landscape? How about the public that wants more than just the facts?

A news executive once stated that the worst day in the news business was when CBS made a profit with “60 Minutes,” the Sunday magazine show that moved the news business to show business. The need to showboat in the news biz continues to grow and does not bode well.

Quite right.

Also her informed optimism on the matter of the synod.

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2 Responses to Sister Mary Ann Walsh

  1. John McGrath says:

    Excelent commentary from the Sister. But hers is a voice crying in the wilderness, and she will not be heard.

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