wolvesI noticed the Vox Cantoris blogger has put up 66 links of support for generally being an internet stalker and insulting the EWTN Mother A corollary in Canada.

My sense is that this has gone from one guy nipping at a cleric’s heels to a whole pack of toothy canines swooping in. As with the predator vs prey fight card, once the latter shows weakness and bleeding, the former will flock to the scene.

I did notice one commenter describing the blogger as “private.” That’s not quite true. The list of support rather points out that the internet is not really a private place. At times insular. Much like a middle school clique. But not private. Not in today’s world.

Father Rosica, in his query, has cited something along the lines of a loss of reputation. Problem is, with sixty-six bloggers plus chiming in from all over the world, he has attracted much more attention than his single stalker could generate. In a way, the man has already lost.

Best case scenario is to win a lawsuit, but that will extract a price from everyone. And winning a suit is likely not guaranteed.

If I were Fr Rosica, I would lay low where legal matters are concerned. He’s attracted attention in the past for truth-telling: bloggers can be real a**es.

I’d kind of like to see what Father D would do with this. What do you think: a burst of humor?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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