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On My Bookshelf: A Natural History of the Piano

Stuart Isacoff’s book–I could call this a biography–is a hugely enjoyable read. Great combo of historical information, personal testimony of artists and by artists, and the occasional supporting illustration. Mr Isacoff starts with the ancient history of the instrument, early … Continue reading

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Mutuae Relationes 43: Too Tolerant?

Remember to refer to the full document Mutuae Relationes here. With this section we wrap up the first part of Chapter VI, discussing the pastoral mission of the Church. In this section the Church gives a┬ácase for harm. But is … Continue reading

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DPPL 233: Problems With A Saint’s Day

The Church offers some cautions. Don’t let the party get too wild, or too disconnected from “Christian content.” Do you think they overstate the case? Saint Patrick being the exception. 233. From a religious and anthropological perspective, several elements serve … Continue reading

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