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Apostate or Atheist?

Max tells us he won’t be visiting sometime in the near future. I hope he stays and posts as much as he wishes. I do not find him bothersome–at least in the sense that other Catholics have found me bothersome … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Short Passions?

It’s been a few decades since I was in a parish that used missalettes during Holy Week, so I had nearly forgotten that there’s an option for a “shorter” Passion narrative. You can probably guess my personal assessment of the … Continue reading

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Back in the 80’s I remember a common criticism of liberation theology is that it was too beholden to the political expression of marxism. I was amused to see those rogue bishops explicitly calling themselves by a political term. Not … Continue reading

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DPPL 263: Shrine and Symbol

Some Scripture is cited to root us in Christ: 263. Shrines, like churches, have enormous symbolic value: they are icons “of the dwelling place of God among (people)” (Rev 21,3) and allude to “the mystery of the Temple” which was … Continue reading

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On My Bookshelf: Gethsemani

The full title of Dianne Aprile’s 1998 book is The Abbey of Gethsemani Place of Peace and Paradox. Written on the occasion of that Kentucky monastery’s 150th anniversary, I read it over the course of four nights. A most enjoyable … Continue reading

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Holy Week Open Thread

The Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of Holy Week are often the respite before Triduum. But God is as likely to move in our hearts if we are ready these days. My parish has a penance liturgy on Monday. The usual adoration … Continue reading

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Cardinal Burke (and LSN) on Liturgy

I read Cardinal Burke’s discussion with LifeSiteNews on marriage. I do recommend people read it–not just the man’s fangirls and boys. Like the synod, it had its far-reaching moments, including this bit on liturgy: Do you think there is a … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Passion Postures

One down, and one to go, regarding those Passion narratives. How would you guide people in your faith community? Are there circumstances when standing is not advised? As for kneeling after the words telling of the death of the Lord, … Continue reading

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DPPL 262: A Shrine Defined

Jesus should remain the focus of our travels and destination. At least this is what the Bible urges. 262. In accordance with Christian revelation, the risen Christ is the supreme and definitive sanctuary (cf. John 2, 18-21; Rev 21, 22) … Continue reading

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Reconciliation Lectionary: Isaiah 53:4-6

The longer version of this reading, verses 1 through 12, is given at number 117 in the Rite of Penance, a long middle section of the ritual book with many, many options for readings. You might recognize the passage as … Continue reading

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Schizophrenic Psalm

Psalm 118 is given for Morning Prayer of week 2 in the Divine Office. The contrasts struck me: The nations all encompassed me; in the Lord’s name I crushed them. And: I was hard-pressed and was falling, but the Lord … Continue reading

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DPPL 261: Shrines and Pilgrimages

Chapter Eight (DPPL 261-287) covers special places believers go to deepen their faith, and the journey they make to get them there. Let’s read about these locations where liturgy and popular piety intermix: 261. The relationship between the Liturgy and … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Veil Or Not

Veiling statues, images, and crosses was once commonplace in Catholicism for Holy Week and the week before. For the US, it is not mandated. But a few places do it, as a nod to traditional practice. Render judgment from the purple armchair … Continue reading

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DPPL 260: Various Popular Devotions to the Dead

Four forms of popular devotions are briefly discussed: 260. In accordance with time, place and tradition, popular devotions to the dead take on a multitude of forms: • the novena for the dead in preparation for the 2 November, and the … Continue reading

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As some of you know, priest and/or seminary recruitment videos have been getting attention at dotCommonweal (here and here) among other places this week. Last month, I posted this video with no comments following. The Fr Barron critique got 163 … Continue reading

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