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Reconciliation Lectionary: Genesis 45:1-8

Our associate pastor suggested an Old Testament reading outside of the Reconciliation Lectionary for the parish’s Lenten Communal Penance this year. I thought I’d include it in our series and invite your comments. I confess thinking of Donny Osmond at … Continue reading

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Mutuae Relationes 48: Exchanging Information

Exchanging information: could this be related to the transparency Pope Francis has urged in our hierarchy? What are the fruits of shared information and understanding between Catholics? Likely not scandal, the fruit of secrecy and witch-hunts and stonewalling questioners. 48. … Continue reading

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DPPL 238: The Council of Nicea Addressed Sacred Images

Nicea CouncilĀ II addressed iconoclasm, the movement against images of Jesus and the saints. In the late eighth century, it was a crisis. Islam, of course, rejected all images of sacred persons from the previous century onward. Christians dealt with the … Continue reading

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