Mutuae Relationes 50: Esteem for Women Religious

SenanquecloisterIn this section, more is heaped on women religious. The collaborators of bishops in parishes and other organizations certainly know the life’s witness of women in religious life.

50. Bishops, together with their collaborators in the pastoral field, and superiors, both men and women, should see to it that the apostolic service of women religious be better known, intensified and increased.

It’s not just about quantity, but quality:

They should, therefore, in view not only of the number of religious women, but especially of their importance in the life of the Church, do their utmost to see that the principle of their greater ecclesial promotion be put into effect, lest the People of God remain deprived of that special assistance, which they alone, by virtue of the gifts conferred on them by God in their quality of woman, can offer.

Who they are is primary. What they do, though “useful and generous,” is secondary.

Always, however, special attention is to be given to this that religious women be held in high esteem and be justly and deservedly appreciated primarily for the witness given by them as consecrated women, and then for the useful and generous services they offer.

Thoughts? Remember to check the full document here.

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