Piero Marini Pulled From CDWDS Assignment

From PrayTell, a Rome source telling us that the post-conclave rumors were true: Pope Francis was thinking about appointing Archbishop Piero Marini to CDWDS. Why on earth would he do that?

  • Years of loyal service to two popes
  • Expert in liturgy
  • Knows the Rome games
  • Ordained male.

Like one or two other commentators at PT, I actually admire Pope Francis for going with plan B on this. Why on earth would I write that?

  • Conservatives made Piero Marini a lightning rod for everything wrong with the Church’s public papal liturgies in the internet age. It may be unjust to deny a worthy person–even the best person–an appointment he might have been quite good at. It may be silly to deny the Church a good leader in liturgy. But sometimes life is unfair, and a good number of us in ministry realize that It’s Not About Us. Archbishop Marii realizes that, I’m sure. Pope Francis certainly does. The Temple Police, not so much.
  • I think it’s enough of a sting to the TLM crowd that this appointment was even considered. Now we can move on.
  • I can’t say I was exactly giddy over the rumors about Piero Marini. I was very public about the person for whom I was advocating to take the helm at CDWDS Master Control.
  • Mercy. I may poke at my conservative/traditionalist sisters and brothers, but they remain my sisters and brothers in Christ. No matter what they think of me. (I take heart that the Lord Jesus has not appointed them to the Last Judgment Committee.) If Piero Marini would have caused even more widespread dismay among some of my sisters and brothers, then it’s probably good he was passed over for the post. I write that with sincerity.
  • Good to see our Jesuit pope discerning. Darn good example for bishops, pastors, choir directors, and anybody else in charge of something in the Church.



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3 Responses to Piero Marini Pulled From CDWDS Assignment

  1. Copernicus says:

    What then to make of the appointment of Cardinal Sarah? He’s not exactly an approximate substitute for Marini. Odd to think that the Pope could consider them both suitable for the post at CDWDS. I wonder what the criteria are, or what is expected of the person appointed?

  2. Copernicus says:

    Hmm… Not sure the difference between Marini and Sarah is properly characterised either as competence or as politics. Commitment to the continuing reform and renewal of the liturgy is what matters here: a matter of philosophy, perhaps?

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