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Reconciliation Lectionary: Luke 22:54-62

Were it not for the grace of reconciliation, Peter would have shared some of the tragedy of Judas in Christian tradition. So soon after he acclaims, “You are the Christ,” he states, “I do not know him.” He insists, “I … Continue reading

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Mutuae Relationes 52: Diocesan Coordination

We’ve arrived at Chapter VII, in which the Church discusses “The Importance of Suitable Coordination.” To start with, an unnumbered introduction begins this chapter which will cover sections 52 through 67. When we complete that, we¬†will be at the conclusion … Continue reading

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DPPL 242: Images Larger Than Life

What if our Christian images have become entwined with culture? 242. In the light of the foregoing, the faithful should be careful not to fall into the error of raising sacred images to the level of paragons. The fact that … Continue reading

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