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Where Will Cross-Fertilization Be Found?

The fiftieth anniversary of a pope’s first vernacular Mass in centuries has drawn a lot of comment around the blogosphere. I have seen cited a wish, cited by Pope Benedict XVI, I think, that the traditional Latin Mass and the … Continue reading

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Mutuae Relationes 57: Three Considerations for Pastoral Cooperation

Remember to check the full document Mutuae Relationes here at the Vatican site. In today’s post, we discuss three aspects of cooperation for pastoral ministry. 57. In order to foster a certain stability in pastoral cooperation, a) the difference existing … Continue reading

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DPPL 246: More on Processions, Some History and Interpretation

Processions were in ascendancy in the Middle Ages, and peaked just after Trent: 246. From the middle ages, votive processions acquired a particular importance in popular piety, and reached their apogee during the age of the Baroque. The Patron Saints … Continue reading

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