Mutuae Relationes 59: Religious in Associations

SenanquecloisterHere the Church discusses local organizations of religious. The Church lauds communication and cooperation, acknowledging that these organizations are not fusions of communities, but convenient associations. Such groups do not infringe upon nor usurp the proper authority of either religious superiors or bishops.

59. Associations of religious on the diocesan level have proved to be very useful; therefore, with due consideration for their distinctive character and goals, they should be encouraged,

a) both as organisms of mutual liaison and of promotion and renewal of religious life in fidelity to the directives of the Magisterium and with respect to the distinctive character of each institute;

b) and as organisms for the discussion of mixed problems between bishops and superiors, as well as for coordinating the activities of religious families with the pastoral action of the diocese under the direction of the bishop, without prejudice to the relationship and negotiations, which will be carried on directly by the bishop himself with each individual institute.

Thoughts or comments? Remember that you can check the full document online here.

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