Mutuae Relationes 60-61: Cooperation Beyond the Diocese

SenanquecloisterYou can check the full document online here. But today we move to consider Church directives “On the national, regional and ritual level.” Section 60 reminds us of the cooperation among bishops on different levels:

60. In episcopal conferences of a country or region (cf. Christus Dominus 37) the bishops themselves “exercise their pastoral office jointly in order to enhance the Church’s beneficial influence on all (people)” (CD 38). In the same way patriarchal synods exercise their ministry for their own rite (cf. DE 9) and inter-ritual Assemblies of Ordinaries for relations among various rites, within the sphere of their particular situation (CD 38).

The Vatican set up various councils of religious in the last century:

61. In many countries or regions, through the medium of the Sacred Congregation for Religious and for Secular Institutes — and in regions dependent on the Sacred Congregations for the Evangelization of Peoples and for Oriental Churches, with the consent of the respective Congregations — the Holy See has set up Councils or Conferences of Major Superiors (both of men and women or mixed). Such Councils must be deeply sensitive to the diversity of institutes, work to enhance common consecration and to channel the energies of all dedicated to apostolic work toward the pastoral coordination of the bishops (cf. n. 21).

The LCWR (founded in 1956) is one of four organizations in the US. Many readers will also recognize the CMSWR (founded in 1992). There is one organization for male religious as well as one for “secular institutes.”

Wherefore, in order that Councils of Major Superiors fulfill their purpose with necessary effectiveness, it is highly useful that an opportune review of their activity be made periodically and that, in harmony with the different missions of institutes an equitable division of commissions or rather similar groups, duly united with the Council of Major Superiors itself, be organized.

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