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Home catching the second half of Swansea/Liverpool in the drenching rain of South Wales. The home team seems to be playing quite well. No Steven Gerrard for the visitors as of yet–on the bench, but wasn’t he supposed to be playing in the US in 2015? After that ugly loss at Anfield earlier, I have hopes today.

I caught some of the weekend matches: happy to see Burnley stonewall Man City, and Leicester played well to go 0-0 in their match. Sunderland were miserable in defeat and their board sacked their manager. The commentator in one of the matches reported that teams average 1.3 points a match with a new manager. Will that be enough to keep them in the Premier League? I would bet on Leicester (too deep in the drop zone), QPR (the weakest of the road warriors), and Sunderland going down. It would be discouraging to see all three of the 2014 promotions drop back down. English football is immensely entertaining. The top level’s main flaw is the disparity between the top six and the middle. West Ham and Southampton have sunk, and while Manchester United might well get to Europe next year, I can imagine them getting eviscerated with their current line-up.

At minute 68, Swans go behind. They needed to convert earlier chances, I thought. Or perhaps Swansea have Liverpool right where they want them.

Last sports thought for the day: they could run the NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournaments like the FA Cup. I figured it out:

  • On Tuesday and Wednesday the bottom 254 of the 351 Division I teams play in the first round.
  • On Thursday and Friday the 127 winners are joined by an additional 65 teams that did not win conference championships.
  • On Saturday and Sunday, those 96 winners are joined by 32 conference champions for a seeded (1 through 32) round of 128. And the tour progresses from there.

The 82nd minute as I write. Poor Swans. Not quite enough firepower and finishing upfront.

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