Mutuae Relationes 66: Beyond Nations

SenanquecloisterThe bishops look to the possibility of large-scale cooperation in the Church, including women and men religious. They give few details for the “supra-national and universal level,” but here they are:

66. Regarding the international, continental or infra-continental sphere, among various countries united together, some form of coordination, both for bishops as well as for major religious superiors, can be created with the approval of the Holy See. A suitable liaison on this level of the individual centers of service helps a great deal towards achieving an ordered and harmonious action on the part of bishops and religious. In those areas where such forms of organization on the continental level already exist, this task of cooperation can be profitably accomplished by the permanent committees or councils themselves.

I do wonder if the revision of Mutuae Relationes will make provision beyond this–the governance of the universal Church, including an appropriate participation in it. Thoughts or comments? Remember we are near the end of this series. You can consult the full document online here.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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