Open Thread on the Future Here

Earlier this past evening, I completed essays for the Directory on Popular Piety and the Liturgy. They’re all in the schedule queue, ready to displace some electrons and come to your viewing screen each morning around 6am. We’ll continue with them through to May 3rd, taking a break for the Triduum. There may be some liturgy documents in the future after that. I am not sure. You may notice we are very close to the end of Mutuae Relationes. There won’t be a document to follow that, not until after Easter at least.

It’s a good time to sit back and take stock of Catholic Sensibility, at least for me. Visitors and views continue to rise, but not because of anything I’m doing these days. Now this site gets about 4,000 views a day, almost all of which are for things I wrote about two to six years ago: wedding and funeral readings. Apparently the Google and other search engines consider this blog of value in some way. Either that, or somebody is getting money out of it.

Cynicism aside, I do feel a sense of accomplishment and perhaps some pride for the service I provide to engaged couples and mourners. I certainly appreciate the occasional comment and e-mail received.

A few events, both personal and ecclesiastical, loom as possibilities. The Jubilee of Mercy has sparked something in my imagination that other recent years for Paul, priests, religious, or the family have not.

The young miss will be shipping off to college and leaving that proverbial empty nest. That certainly gives me pause.

I have also been struggling with a personal discernment for the past several months, mostly as an aftermath of my Ignatian retreat and studies at Creighton University last summer. I will not be returning to school this year, and possibly not in the future. I have been strongly nudged to move on from my current home in central Iowa. Where this new pilgrimage will lead, I am not sure. I do know that my family has surprised me with a willingness to cast the net of discernment far and wide. I have already been blessed with a number of phone conversations and an interview in a new parish, so we will have to see where all that might lead.

After an initial sense of alarm (I hate moving, but I hate leaving behind good friends and colleagues quite a bit more) I feel a surprising and extraordinary degree of freedom and peace. That last bit, for the most part. Where the blog fits in with all this, I am not sure. People don’t make a living from writing on the internet. If they did, everybody would be doing it. And everybody’s clearly not blogging anymore.

So as the pilgrim way of Lent continues, I ponder another journey ahead. I hope you readers are finding a fruitful path for your spiritual journeys this 2015. Let’s remember to pray for each other, yes?

Peace to you all this day.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to Open Thread on the Future Here

  1. Jen says:

    Hrm, I know what you mean. I started my first one during grad school. When grad school ended, it felt like a natural end of things. I toy with the idea of restarting one, but it never gets very far. Maybe that’ll change someday. :)

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