Schizophrenic Psalm

Jesus in Jerusalem, TissotPsalm 118 is given for Morning Prayer of week 2 in the Divine Office. The contrasts struck me:

The nations all encompassed me; in the Lord’s name I crushed them.


I was hard-pressed and was falling, but the Lord came to help me.

What other day do we feel like we can crush the world, and turn around and feel like the waters are overwhelming us?

I was punished by the Lord

And yet we stay on the move:

Open to me the gates of holiness: I will enter and give thanks.

Granted, there’s a lot of text in Psalm 118 (compared to its predecessor), and plenty of room to go from high to low and back again, and over and over.

Palm Sunday strikes me as similar: a triumphant Jesus enters Jerusalem, and the disciples are on a high. And according to Mark, they all abandon him. Even the women keep their distance.

What is the response of a disciple? Keep humble. Don’t get cocky. Reliance on God–utterly.

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3 Responses to Schizophrenic Psalm

  1. Melody says:

    For schizophrenic you can’t beat Ps. 149. Or maybe bipolar is the right word. The first 5 verses are happy and joyful, giving praise to God. Then you get to verse 6, and in a single breath it goes from praise to “…and a two edged sword in their hand, to deal out vengeance to the nations, and punishment on all the peoples.” I usually quit at verse 5. I like Ps. 118 a lot better.

  2. FrMichael says:

    118: My favorite!

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