Following Saint Francis

SFX @ SJAAs this gets published on WordPress, I expect to be at an altitude surpassing five miles somewhere over Nebraska. Posting will be light this week, but you will get a daily dose of the DPPL. Comments have been thin there as of late, but I know FrMichael is still reading. He and I don’t see eye to eye on occasion, but every writer appreciates a loyal reader.

That’s an old image of mine on the left, there. Saint Francis Xavier would be one of my heroes, even if his baptismal practices might be called into question in some quarters these days. Ignatius of Loyola’s BFF is also the patron of a parish that neighbors the one I expect to be visiting this week. I admire the man for his dedication to bring the Gospel to the absolute frontiers of the world. My spouse would be alarmed if I were considering such a move. But she knows I think about it.

The image is rather cloudy, but it was captured in a chapel in the lower level of Saint John’s Abbey a few years ago. I love the globe of the world before the saint. I am sure he would be taking flight, were planes available then. Or utilizing a spacecraft were he a man of the 26th century rather than the 16th.

I am in the middle of those centuries. I have a family to consider and for whom to care and provide. I don’t have a saint’s options where travel is concerned. But I have a frontier in which to serve … somewhere. And I have a noble and far-looking saint for a companion.


About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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3 Responses to Following Saint Francis

  1. charlesincenca says:

    Traveling mercies to you, brother. Blessings during your stay in RainLand.

  2. Fr. Seaphin Conley, TOR says:

    Well, until the space ship comes for you continue to do good where you are.

  3. I’m still here too… just (shockingly!) more quiet! Travel well!

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