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On My Bookshelf: When Saint Francis Saved the Church

Jon M. Sweeney’s 2014 release sat on my parish’s bookshelf until I picked it up for my trip this past week. Known as a historian, Mr Sweeney ventures a bit into spiritual autobiography here. And it’s well done. The man … Continue reading

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What’s a Lynch Mob?

At dotCommonweal, John Schwenkler takes Robert P. George to task for a clumsy metaphor. No doubt, both sides of the culturewar have some improvement to make, if not growing up to do. The blowback against opponents of LGBT rights looks … Continue reading

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DPPL 271: Celebrating the Liturgy of the Hours

Now that we’ve covered the celebration of sacraments at shrines, what about the Divine Office? 271. A visit to a shrine, which is always a special occasion of private and community prayer, affords a valuable opportunity to assist the faithful in … Continue reading

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