DPPL 286a: Eschatology of Pilgrimage

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286. Despite change, pilgrimage has maintained the essential traits of its spirituality throughout the ages, down to our own time.

And so our tour of pilgrimage history brings us to the present age. DPPL is a significantly long section, which we’ll take in bites over the next week.

Eschatological Dimension. The original and essential quality of pilgrimage: a pilgrimage, or “journey to a shrine”, is both a moment in and parable of, our journey towards the Kingdom; it affords an opportunity for the Christian to take greater stock of his eschatological destiny as homo viator: journeying between the obscurity of the faith and the thirst for the vision of clarity, tribulation and the desire for everlasting life, the weariness of the journey and the rest awaiting, between exile and homeland, between frenetic activity and contemplation(Cf. St. Augustine, Tractatus CXXIV In Iohannis Evangelium, 5: CCL 36, Turnholti 1954, p. 685).

This is very much how I feel with regard to my Christian life. There is a quality of movement, a response to the call of the living God. Today, human beings feel it not only as a religious urging, but also to explore the vast universe, and to move out into it. In all of that we aspire to seek clarity in the midst of obscurity, life from death, rest from weariness, home from exile, and contemplation from ceaseless action.

Don’t forget to check the Directory on Popular Piety and the Liturgy online at the Vatican site.

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