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Has John Allen Jumped The Shark?

Does this relate his Fonzie moment? And maybe his bending over to be too fair to the fringes? Does this kind of stuff happen when one goes over to the dark side big media?

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Saint Paul and Max: A Good Mix For Penance?

Max researched some Saint Paul in the New Testament and found some instances in which the apostle advises his communities to have nothing to do with sinners. As far as I can tell, Paul and the other early believers were … Continue reading

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Misericordiae Vultus 17ab: Lent in a Jubilee of Mercy

Lent 2016 will be a special time for the Church. Remember, we will be in year C, perhaps the cycle most dedicated to the theme of penance and mercy as it is proclaimed in the Lenten Lectionary. 17. The season … Continue reading

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Leisure, A Good Form of Penance?

John Veltri’s classic manual for spiritual direction, Orientations, is available online here. One of his brief essays that some of our culture might find challenging asks the question above. After our last big campus ministry event of the year, I … Continue reading

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PS 5: Purpose of Paschale Solemnitatis

Remember, you can check Paschale Solemnitatis on this site, among many on the internet. In 1988, the curia’s diagnosis warranted  review of important points. As we’ve discussed earlier, this document presents little novelty, but will likely contain a few surprises … Continue reading

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Bitter But Necessary?

A balanced and realistic editorial at NCRep on the resignation of a former bishop of mine. I think there’s much bitterness all over on this one. I don’t believe Bishop Finn was any sort of monster. He certainly is no … Continue reading

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