Church Wins

The 30-day blackout is lifted, and David Gibson reports on LCWR commentary here.

If all this sounds like “win” for the nuns, as it has often been portrayed in media reports, (LCWR president Sister Sharon) Holland said she avoids that word “like the plague.”

“I don’t believe in saying anybody ‘won,’” she said. “I think the church won.”

Archbishop Sartain was important to the process. Sister Carol Zinn:

Things were still quite raw. Our board members were saying to him, “What do we say to them, Archbishop, what do we say to our sisters?”

(But instead of lecturing … Archbishop Sartain listened.)

That continued for the next two years.

I think this is the way the Church wins. Not by celebrating the divide. But by listening and speaking with respect. These are values needed for spouses, families, across generations, and in parishes. I hope the commentary from the bashers is minimal. But if we run across any of it, some good questions to ask:

  • Would you talk to a family member in this way?
  • Does the Church win at the end of the discussion?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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