Football, Plumbing, and Blogging

swansea city afcSwansea, and 17 other Premier League teams finished up their seasons yesterday. The ten-match simulcast on American networks took place in the morning. And being a Sunday churchgoer, I missed the live action.

After I got home from a wedding consultation after the morning Masses, I brought the laptop to the basement and watched Hull City get relegated while I finished dismantling bolts and things on the downstairs toilet. And I had time to see Liverpool get thrashed while I installed new innards.

After dinner, I took some time to watch the final contest for Swansea City. But after a long weekend of an out-of-town wedding, Sunday liturgies, and adventures in plumbing … I have to admit I dozed off while the game trundled along on my computer.

The Swans have a few preseason matches in Dallas this summer. I have a few job applications up in Texas, so who knows? Maybe I’ll get to see them live once or twice. It seems more likely I will be in a familiar slot for my 2015-16 season, an eighth at the student center. I’ve been selective in the parishes I’ve talked to about serving. But after three months of looking, it might be time to consider the higher value of family and parish stability.

As for today, I have a leak to fix with the toilet re-installation. Practice for the new appliance sitting in the living room to be dropped into the upstairs bathroom today. My wife and the young miss were adamant on one point: finish one job before starting the other.

On that theme, I have Pope John Paul’s encyclical on mercy, Dives in Misericordia, prepared for posting. Later today, Humanae Vitae will be wrapped. I’ve been thinking that three documents a day has been a bit much, not the least for you readers. I’ll be preparing some posts on DiM for the coming week. We’ll start tomorrow with scheduled drops about Iowa noon on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, time for a bucket a wrench.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to Football, Plumbing, and Blogging

  1. Jen says:

    Fun times. Toilet repairs–especially those needing a plumber on a holiday–are no fun.

  2. Melody says:

    Toilet problems….the irony of going to a family reunion in our hometown this weekend, staying in a motel partly to avoid things like stressing our hosts’ plumbing systems with too many guests; and having the motel’s plumbing malfunction. Can’t win!

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