PS 38: Easter Triduum

Jesus arms outstretchedRemember, you can check the full document on this site, among many on the internet.

We now leave behind Lent, its penitential services, baptismal vector, and Chrism Mass, and arrive at the summit of the liturgical year. Over thirty posts lie ahead. They will take us to the end of the Easter Vigil by section #96. Why are Easter and Triduum so important? Redemption is the greatest mystery. Not the incarnation alone so much.

The CDWDS reminds us that Triduum is approximately seventy-two hours, inclusive of Easter Sunday through to Evening Prayer that so few parishes celebrate.

38. The greatest mysteries of the Redemption are celebrated yearly by the Church beginning with the evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday until Vespers of Easter Sunday. This time is called “the triduum of the crucified, buried and risen”; (Cf. SRC, Decr. Maxima redemptionis nostrae mysteria (6 Nov. 1955) AAS 47 (1955) 858. St Augustine, Ep. 55, 24, PL, 35, 215) it is also called the “Easter Triduum” because during it is celebrated the Paschal mystery, that is, the passing of the Lord from this world to his Father. The Church by the celebration of this mystery, through liturgical signs and sacramentals, is united to Christ, her Spouse, in intimate communion.

I think Easter Vespers are important, but I also understand how exhausting it can be to take in the essence of the Triduum in less than three days. What do you think?

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1 Response to PS 38: Easter Triduum

  1. FrMichael says:

    I’ve always been in parishes with Sunday evening Masses, so there hasn’t been time to conduct an Easter Vespers.

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