From The Sky, Diamonds

I was not aware some meteorites falling to Earth often contain small diamonds. These are not gem grade crystals, not even the bigger ones described here that fell into an African desert in 2008:

Large diamonds are most likely to form inside a really big lump of rock – like a planet. If they’re right, these diamonds come from a planet that existed when our solar system was forming, and that has since been shattered.

They think diamonds form inside a planet. But scientists don’t know that for sure. The material could also have come from another star, long dead and some of its contents long ago blown into space.

carbon planetSome astronomers theorize about whole planets made of diamond. If you think that will spark a rush to get into space, reconsider that. These planets are trillions of miles away and when you got there, you might just sink into several miles of tar before hitting the good stuff.

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1 Response to From The Sky, Diamonds

  1. Jim McCrea says:

    You can title these meteorites “Lucy in the Sky.”

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