British Football

FA cupThis is probably my last football post for a few months. Somebody sent me a facebook notice about Manchester United playing in Chicago in July.

I wonder how the build-up for the big match is going in England’s royal family. I didn’t know Prince William rooted for Aston Villa. His brother is an Arsenal man. Not a big surprise, I guess. Is Dad, as the Prince of Wales, obligated to go for Swansea?

I was surprised to read Aston Villa has won the cup seven times. But not for more than half a century.

I’ll have to miss the match, as I have a wedding to play at the parish tomorrow afternoon.

swan-in-attack-mode-2Swansea closed out the season with two losses, but were locked into 8th place anyway.

While I was at church Sunday morning the EPL played out its ten simultaneous matches. By the afternoon, they started appearing online courtesy of my cable provider, so I had the relegation matches playing while I worked trying to fix the downstairs toilet with new innards. That appliance was relegated Monday and replaced with a new signing.

I think I can actually say I’ve had my fill of English football. I can shift to MLS for a few months and it might be that I’ll be relocating near a present or future team. We will see.


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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to British Football

  1. David D. says:

    Aren’t you watching the live feed of the FIFA election?

  2. Todd says:

    Was on the road to visit my spiritual director today. Caught the news on BBC on the way home. I have to say that soccer really fills my appetite for soap opera.

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