PS 43: Triduum Issues in Various Communities

Jesus arms outstretchedRemember, you can check the full document on this site, among many on the internet.

The Church is right to set a high bar in terms of good liturgy and music for communities than can handle the responsibility. But not all are able.

A curious start for PS 43:

43. It is fitting that small religious communities, both clerical and lay, and other lay groups should participate in the celebration of the Easter Triduum in neighboring principal churches. (Cf. Eucharisticum mysterium 26. N.B. In monasteries of nuns, every effort should be made to celebrate the Easter Triduum with the greatest possible ceremony but within the monastery church)

I would think than in monasteries of men, the effort should be made within the cloister as well.

Small communities are urged to assemble in a nearby large church if this seems advisable:

Similarly where the number of participants and ministers is so small that the celebrations of the Easter Triduum cannot be carried out with the requisite solemnity, such groups of the faithful should assemble in a larger church.

Community size isn’t always the main factor that determines quality.

Also where there, are small parishes with only one priest it is recommended that such parishes should assemble, as far as possible, in a principal church and there participate in the celebrations.

Not to mention small parishes with no priest. In the case of clusters and associations of parishes, there is a provision for repeating Triduum liturgies, but I would have a hard time envisioning how this would work better than the location of different liturgies in different churches. Let’s read:

On account of the needs of the faithful, where a pastor has the responsibility for two or more parishes, in which the faithful assemble in large numbers and where the celebrations can be carried out with the requisite care and solemnity, the celebrations of the Easter Triduum may be repeated in accord with the given norms. (Cf. SRC, Ordinationes et declarationes circa Ordinem hebdomadae sanctae instauratum, (1 Feb. 1957), n. 21; AAS 49 (1957), 91-95)

When I served in rural ministry, our three parishes each hosted one of the three main liturgies of Thursday through Saturday. For good liturgy, people will travel and celebrate in this way.

A note for seminarians:

So that seminary students “might live fully Christ’s paschal mystery, and thus be able to teach those who will be committed to their care”, (Optatam Totius 8) they should be given a thorough and comprehensive liturgical formation. It is important that during their formative years in the seminary, they should experience fruitfully the solemn Easter celebrations, especially those over which the bishop presides. (Cf. Congregation for Catholic Education, Instruction on Liturgical Formation in Seminaries, (17 May 1979), nn. 15, 33)

How many seminarians are sent home to their diocesan cathedrals for this? Or do they prioritize the nearest cathedral? No doubt: learning from superior examples of liturgy is optimal for young students aspiring to Holy Orders.

Another involved post. Take a breath and comment, as you wish.

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1 Response to PS 43: Triduum Issues in Various Communities

  1. Liam says:

    I suspect the reason monasteries of women are specifically addressed is because they would not have among their number a cleric to preside over the liturgies*, and the concern is that the the norm of a conventual liturgy for such communities might be de-prioritized in favor of a pragmatic assumption that they should simply join the liturgies of the nearest parish.

    * Yes, I am aware that some folks have in the past taken the opportunity of the Good Friday liturgy to have lay-led liturgies, but I think that novelty has come and gone….

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