Faroese Football


Fascinating piece on soccer in the Faroe Islands. I didn’t think they were an independent nation, but apparently, they compete as Wales does. And ranked 102nd in the world–amazing for such a remote outpost.

Aleksandar Djordjevic came to the Faroes in 2001, wearing shorts and T-shirt. His research, he admits, wasn’t thorough.

“When I changed flights in Denmark, I told the information desk I was going to the Faroe Islands,” he says.

“I said: ‘It’s a little south of here, isn’t it?’

“The woman said: ‘No, it’s north – go and buy some clothes.’ So I did.”


Greece plays there later today. I once played backgammon against a Faroese. We had an interesting chat between dice rolls.

Image above is the Torsvollur Football Venue.

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