On Psalm 92

cypresses van goghIn this Sunday’s Lectionary, we get a portion of Psalm 92, which has always been a favorite of mine. The people who put together the Liturgy of the Hours liked it; this psalm appears every other Saturday at Morning Prayer–not just every fourth week. The assembling team for the Lectionary put this refrain on our lips:

Lord, it is good to give thanks to you.

And last night at Mass, I was hoping it had been something a bit more exciting, or at least poetic, like verse 3:

(We) proclaim your love at daybreak, your faithfulness in the night.

Or perhaps from verse 5:

You make (us) jubilant, LORD, by your deeds; at the works of your hands (we) shout for joy.

Or “sing for joy.” An old favorite was set well by Dan Schutte in his early days as a composer. Tim Manion’s guitar work is understated but complementary to the tune. The young voices of college students on the recording are as pleasing as any possible choir the SLJ’s could have mustered, then or now. Bottom line, it is good to give thanks to the Lord. Image credit.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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