PS 71-72: After Good Friday Liturgy

Jesus arms outstretchedRemember, you can check the full document Paschale Solemnitatis on this site, among many on the internet.

Some instructions that might get overlooked in the bustle and details of Good Friday. The cross is placed for prayer and for veneration outside of liturgy:

71. After the celebration, the altar is stripped, the Cross remaining, however, with four candles. An appropriate place (for example the chapel of repose used for reservation of the Eucharist on Holy Thursday) can be prepared within the church, and there the Lord’s Cross is placed so that the faithful may venerate and kiss it, and spend some time in meditation.

Remember the advice for a 3pm liturgy (PS 63)? This availability would extend from late afternoon into the evening, perhaps until midnight.

72. Devotions, such as the Way of the Cross, processions of the Passion, and commemorations of the sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary are not, for pastoral reasons, to be neglected. The texts and songs used, however, should be adapted to the spirit of the liturgy of this day. Such devotions should be assigned to a time of day that makes it quite clear that the liturgical celebration by its very nature far surpasses them in importance. (Cf. Sacrosanctum Concilium 13)

On this note, I’d say that the availability of the Church and its liturgy and devotions should be able to satisfy anyone otherwise busy with work or the care of loved ones.

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2 Responses to PS 71-72: After Good Friday Liturgy

  1. Liam says:

    In my experience, #71 is largely neglected.

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