Laudato Si Outline

Earth from Apollo 8Laudato Si is available on the Vatican site, and a number of other places, too. Be sure you don’t get the embargo copy, which seems to have been a ruse to sniff out Vatileakers.

I was pondering the use of an image of the pinwheel galaxy as the visual “theme” for this series. I thought about the iconic vision from Apollo 17, the last time humans were far enough away to capture the whole globe in one eyeful. But I settled on Earthrise from lunar orbit, December 1968.

Here’s how Pope Francis organized his encyclical letter:


Laudato si’, mi’ Signore [1-2]
Nothing in this world is indifferent to us [3-6]
United by the same concern [7-9]
Saint Francis of Assisi [10-12]
My appeal [13-16]

I Pollution and climate change [20-26]
– Pollution, waste and the throwaway culture [20-22]
– Climate as a common good [23-26]
II The issue of water [27-31]
III Loss of biodiversity [32-42]
IV Decline in the quality of human life and the breakdown of society [43-47]
V Global inequality [48-52]
VI Weak responses [53-59]
VII A variety of opinions [60-61]

Chapter two THE GOSPEL OF CREATION [62-100]
I The light offered by faith [63-64]
II The wisdom of the biblical accounts [65-75]
III The mystery of the universe [76-83]
IV The message of each creature in the harmony of creation [84-88]
V A universal communion [89-92]
VI The common destination of goods [93-95]
VII The gaze of Jesus [96-100]

I Technology: creativity and power [102-105]
II The globalization of the technocratic paradigm [106-114]
III The crisis and effects of modern anthropocentrism [115-136]
– Practical relativism [122-123]
– The need to protect employment [124-129]
– New biological technologies [130-136]

Chapter four INTEGRAL ECOLOGY [137-162]
I Environmental, economic and social ecology [138-142]
II Cultural ecology [143-146]
III Ecology of daily life [147-155]
IV The principle of the common good [156-158]
V Justice between the generations [159-162]

Chapter five LINES OF APPROACH AND ACTION [163-201]
I Dialogue on the environment in the international community [164-175]
II Dialogue for new national and local policies [176-181]
III Dialogue and transparency in decision-making [182-188]
IV Politics and economy in dialogue for human fulfilment [189-198]
V Religions in dialogue with science [199-201]

I Towards a new lifestyle [203-208]
II Educating for the covenant between humanity and the environment [209-215]
III Ecological conversion [216-221]
IV Joy and peace [222-227]
V Civic and political love [228-232]
VI Sacramental signs and the celebration of rest [233-237]
VII The Trinity and the relationship between creatures [238-240]
VIII Queen of all creation [241-242]
IX Beyond the sun [243-246]

A prayer for our earth
A Christian prayer in union with creation

And more to come tomorrow.

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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