Hello to all. Waking today after a late night putting the last coat of paint on my bathroom. The most troubled room in the house now looks the spiffiest. But it still needs to air out thoroughly. Except for stacked boxes and messes in the bedrooms, we’re ready to sell. And waiting on a new job.

A few notes for the website …

I have found neither the time nor energy to research deeply into the Communion of Saints for worthy women for any sort of observance. I noted to my alarm Tuesday night that the scheduled rollout was less than a week away, and I only had three essays, two of which were penned by emma of randomthoughts a number of months ago. (Thanks emma!) Her contributions will appear before the end of the month, and I think I will drop my worthy American in on July 4th.

I think it is good to honor saints in any season. So as my occasional collaborators wish, I will accept an essay anytime, and then add to the daily dose of commentary here. It seems that the antagonism between American women religious and the hierarchy has subsided into a pleasing reconciliation. The only embittered ones remaining are those hoping for a bloodfight, and I feel less inclined to write about them.

Of course, the release of Laudato Si is generating great interest. Including footnotes, it registers at over 40,000 words. 246 numbered sections await. I’ll put up the table of contents later today and get to regular posts tomorrow morning, bright and early.

This document, as well as Dives in Misericordiae, have been the focus of my interest and attention. You readers may get little else from now until the Big Move, but you’ll get a daily dose of each of these. My estimate is the JP2 encyclical until about the middle of August. LS will carry us well into the coming winter.

Now, time for breakfast!

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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3 Responses to Updates

  1. FrMichael says:

    When I heard that LS is something like 200+ pages, I figured I would “read” it on this blog. Looking forward to the series.

  2. Todd, many prayers for this journey that you are on. I am sorry that I can’t contribute to your WW series this year, I am in the midst (as you know) of much discerning, and my ability to do other things is limited.

    I am excited and overwhelmed by Laudato Si’. There is much to digest! Peace!

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