PS 86: Prayers, Instruction, and Psalms May Enhance the Easter Vigil Readings

Jesus arms outstretchedRemember, you can check the full document Paschale Solemnitatis on this site, among many on the internet.

Some comments from Rome on the Liturgy of the Word at the Easter Vigil:

86. The typological import of the Old Testament texts is rooted in the New, and is made plain by the prayer pronounced by the celebrating priest after each reading; but it will also be helpful to introduce the people to the meaning of each reading by means of a brief introduction. This introduction may be given by the priest himself or by a deacon.

I find myself a skeptic on these mini-homilies. There is an introduction to the whole Liturgy of the Word, and that may be the appropriate time to encourage people to listen for Christ in the seven Old Testament readings. What points to Jesus? What reveals the tender mercy of God in salvation history?

Do the new Roman Missal prayers really link the Old and New? I can’t say I find them memorable. Better to ask people to listen carefully to the readings and psalms.

National or diocesan liturgical commissions will prepare aids for pastors.

Not sure the USCCB has done this.

Each reading is followed by the singing of a psalm, to which the people respond.

Melodies should be provided for these responses which are capable of promoting the people’s participation and devotion. (Cf. Roman Missal, The Easter Vigil, 23) Great care is to be taken that trivial songs do not take the place of the psalms.

Absolutely right. But it is also important that good songs not take the place of the psalms. They should be psalms. Period.

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