7,091 Days

wedding processionOne of the affectionate banters I share with my wife is over “anniversaries.” She tracks them monthly, and from 27 February 1996, I’ve suggested “mundiversary” instead. It doesn’t stick.

She had a long, rough day yesterday packing and cleaning and stuff. So she’s sleeping still instead of wandering in a fibro fog this morning. I was up putting the last coat of paint on the bathroom walls, and noticing that the 27th has arrived. And since it’s on a Saturday, we also have a nice round number of weeks we’ve been married.

Right, 1,013 weeks or 233 months ago, however you count it.

(Working on a quiet house gives one a lot of time to think.)

Last thought: brides sure know what to do with their hands. One on the guy’s elbow, and another holding flowers. Me, I just look stiff and nervous squeezing the circulation in my fingers. It’s a wonder I ever played a musical instrument again.

No matter: happy anniversary, sweetie. And to anybody else out there who got married on the 27th of the month. Good day.



About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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