PS 93-94: Pastoral Considerations for the Easter Vigil

Jesus arms outstretchedRemember, you can check the full document Paschale Solemnitatis on this site, among many on the internet.

Now that we’ve reviewed the structure of the Vigil in some detail(PS 82-92) we now turn to pastoral consideration that might impact the celebration.

93. The Easter Vigil Liturgy should be celebrated in such a way as to offer to the Christian people the riches of the prayers and rites. It is therefore important that authenticity be respected, that the participation of the faithful be promoted, and that the celebration should not take place without servers, readers and choir exercising their roles.

According to this, authentic liturgy always provides for the participation (note: no qualifier) of the people, as well as lay liturgical ministries.

94. It would be desirable if on occasion provision were made for several communities to assemble in one church, wherever their proximity one to another or small numbers mean that a full and festive celebration could not otherwise take place.

This might be a challenge for parishes that once were served by a resident priest, and that celebrated the Vigil fairly well, to be asked to drive to another church.

Goes without saying:

The celebration of the Easter Vigil for special groups is not to be encouraged, since above all in this Vigil the faithful should come together as one and should experience a sense of ecclesial community.

Early Spring is not a choice time of vacation, but if people are still observing a school’s Holy Week or Easter week break, this is a good consideration:

The faithful who are absent from their parish on vacation, should be urged to participate in the liturgical celebration in the place where they happen to be.

In addition, there might be some stories to tell of what good things other people are doing.

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