PS 102-103: The Neophytes at Easter

Jesus arms outstretchedRemember, you can check the full document Paschale Solemnitatis on this site, among many on the internet. In these sections, the CDWDS reminds us of the place of neophytes in prayer during the Easter season, especially during the week following their baptism.

102. For adults who have received Christian initiation during the Easter Vigil the whole of this period is given over to mystagogical catechesis. Therefore, wherever there are neophytes, the prescriptions of the (RCIA), no. 37-40 and 235-239 should be observed. Intercession should be made in the Eucharistic Prayer for the newly baptized throughout the Easter octave in all places.

Godparents, homilists, and lectors take note:

103. Throughout the Easter season the neophytes should be assigned their own special place among the faithful. All neophytes should endeavor to participate at Mass along with their godparents. In the homily and, according to local circumstances, in the general intercessions mention should be made of them.

That “special place” isn’t seen too often in the US. Does your parish utilize it? What about the Easter celebration as described below? More often I see this promoted as a diocesan celebration:

Some celebration should be held to conclude the period of mystagogical catechesis on or about Pentecost Sunday, depending upon local custom. (Cf. RCIA 235-239)

First Communion, check:

It is also appropriate that children receive their first Communion on one or other of the Sundays of Easter.

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