PS 106: Popular Piety During the Easter Season

Jesus arms outstretchedRemember, you can check the full document Paschale Solemnitatis on this site, among many on the internet. We discussed something of today’s topic in our examination of the Directory on Popular Piety and the Liturgy. There is the principle that devotions should never overshadow the Mass:

106. According to the differing circumstances of places and peoples, there are found a number of popular practices linked to celebrations of the Easter season, which in some instances attract greater numbers of the people than the sacred liturgy itself; these are not in any way to be undervalued, for they are often well adapted to the religious mentality of the faithful. Let episcopal conferences and local ordinaries therefore see to it that practices of this kind which seem to nourish popular piety, be harmonized in the best way possible with the sacred liturgy, be imbued more distinctly with the spirit of the liturgy, in some way derived from it, and lead the people to it. (Cf. Sacrosanctum Concilium 13. Cf, CCD Orientamenti e proposte per la celebrazione dell’anno mariano, (3 Apr. 1987), nn. 3, 51-56)

My sense would be to carefully examine the celebration of Mass: do pastors and ministers put everything they can into it. especially during the Easter season?

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