Anticipating Pope Francis in the US

An interesting piece in Zenit: an interview with Msgr. Guillermo Karcher, Papal Master of Ceremonies. Including this bit:

However, he will also be able to “elaborate new concepts,” (he)said, beginning with “studying” the middle class, as he assured in that “humble and beautiful answer” given during the press conference on the plane. “If in Latin America his attention was dedicated to the poor, now the Pope will be able to enlighten people that work, that pay taxes, that have to support a family …”

Hmm. Poor people also work, pay taxes, and support families. Only they do so in situations markedly more unjust than the American or European middle classes. I would suggest that in my country, the injustices are also piling up as of late. Like here. Our culture, for example, likes to harvest the early incomes of professionals. But keep the 1% happy.

Beyond the expectations, “we allow the Holy Father his surprises,” Msgr. Karcher added. “We know how ‘creative’ he is in the evangelical sense. Wherever he goes, he seeks a message of reconciliation, of building the future …”

My guess is that Pope Francis will craft a message of solidarity within the 99%. I think also a sense of reconciliation across class and cultural boundaries within the States. The principle of presupposition won’t vanish from the Holy Father’s repertoire–there will be an assumption that good-hearted, well-intentioned people will be responsive to God’s nudge.

I suspect there will be presupposition in casting a gaze on the wealthy. Everybody needs to be included in the effort to build a future. Personally, I think people should be free to check out of the plans of a majority. Unfortunately, the wealthy and powerful often insist on running with their own plans.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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