original tetrisNotice the floor plan of the trailer sitting at the end of my driveway next to the house, right. lol. My friend Dan commented about “playing tetris” with the boxes of various sizes. Thanks to some muscle from him and other friends, most of the furniture is aboard, and much of that is slotted, along with many boxes.

The company delivered their trailer at 9AM. I was expecting a call, but they arrived unannounced. I’m amazed that truck drivers can maneuver these big beasts so easily. The right side of it sits about three inches from the kitchen wall. He didn’t even need to use my neighbor’s driveway across the street.

I started loading at 10AM with the help of the young miss. The small musical instruments fit in my dresser padded with sweaters. I provided a shelter under the kitchen table for the bigger instruments. I’m nervous about them sitting in a trailer for a week-plus, but what can you do. The young miss bedazzled (or something) her guitar, and maybe that stuff will hold it together, lol.

gambit and ginnyGambit (old picture, left) got spooked with all the guests and noise–he retreated to the cat-crawl space above the basement ceiling and didn’t emerge until just an hour ago.

One of our helpers left the front door open a few minutes, bringing dollies. I didn’t think he’d really bolt for the outdoors, but you never know with scared animals. The young miss was in tears when he finally came out for a cuddle.

Ginny (old picture, right) stretched out on a pile of blankets in an otherwise empty bedroom. She avoided the company, but was well-behaved.

I worked till it got too dark to see, and man, did that shower feel good last hour.

With the beds on the trailer, we’re getting settled on air mattresses for the night. The rooms sure seem to echo without furniture. And with the tv packed and stowed, it’s rather quieter than usual. This time next week, we will be settling into our new apartment.

Meanwhile, my wife is too tired to do her daily readings, so it’s my turn to read …

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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