The Heart of Jesus

Christ the King AlmadaI noted Sean Salai’s interview of James Kubicki, who heads the Apostleship of Prayer ministry of the Jesuits. In his discussion of the importance of encountering Jesus through his heart, I was drawn to a recollection of an experience from last summer when I was in Omaha.

I was surprised to find Jesus and a traditional image of the Sacred Heart presented in my mind. It’s not a devotion I grew up with. But this was not a traditional encounter. I wrote about the experience in a reflection paper:

(T)he Lord took his heart in his own hand, and extended it to me. The heart splintered in front of me and I had the sense I had absorbed something. The real surprise was that I was nearly overcome with a wave of something so unique and powerful I had no other words for it than simply the love of Christ.

The only response that came to mind was: thank you.

I have learned that “Thank you, good-bye” is not the first thing I should consider in these luminal experiences. My spiritual director encourages me to return to these places of consolation and prepare to receive more. A week later, I was in the chapel at Creighton. While waiting for Vespers to begin …

I was drawn to the text of the Beatitude in one of the high windows, “Blessed are the peacemakers.” I prayed, will you bring me peace? While the importance of the visual is stressed in the use of our imaginations, I felt drawn to a listening experience. I turned to Gustav Holst’s “Venus, The Bringer of Peace,” the second movement in his suite The Planets. As I listened I noticed a subtle pulse in the music, like a heartbeat. That beating heart of the Lord, being offered to me: I found it yet again when I didn’t expect.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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