Mt Rainier

USA_Sc_0750Wednesday afternoon as I pulled out of the fuel station and onto I-90 out of Moses Lake, Washington, I thought I caught a glimpse of something cream-colored on the horizon. Not just one cloud in a cloudless sky–no indeed! It was a volcano about a hundred miles away. “Stratovolcano” is how geologists categorize it. That just sounds dangerous.

I caught another glimpse as we approached the Cascade Mountains. I would have stopped to gawk, had we not been on a hopeful timetable to get to our new home.

mt rainier

Friends had us over for dinner Thursday night, and from their deck overlooking the Puget Sound we saw the mountain in the background. Boats and a giant ferry chugging along in the water. A bald eagle swooping low, nearby. The nearly full moon was rising just to the left of the peak. The moon was the only thing that told me I wasn’t really on a different planet–the way it always seems when I travel to the West.

Image credit for the panorama from the south here. And that little stamp was part of my small collection long, long ago. One scene from that 1934 series of National Parks I finally got to see.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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5 Responses to Mt Rainier

  1. Liam says:

    You’re not in Iowa anymore….

  2. Mary says:

    And your image credit link isn’t working.

  3. Jim McCrea says:

    Did you stop in Othello before going to “Moses Hole?” I spent 3 years in the AF atop Rattlesnake Hill outside of Othello. It was a nice little town then, but now it’s a 7,000 person town with the primary attraction being WalMart.

  4. leefstrong says:

    It’s beautiful out there. Send me your new address!

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