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I live on a peninsula now. My wife comments that she prayed to God to send her/us to a place with trees and water. Prayer answered. On my drive home, I have a few choices, but my favorite is to … Continue reading

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Laudato Si 57: War to Come

The encyclical letter Laudato Si is available here on the Vatican website. Is war on the horizon? Are arms dealers preparing even now to make the next mark? 57. It is foreseeable that, once certain resources have been depleted, the … Continue reading

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Dives in Misericordiae 14g: Mercy Makes Us More Fully Human

Mercy is not limited to our loved ones. Not for the mature disciple. Mercy has a wider stage upon which to play–the world, no less: Its sphere of action, however, is not limited to this. If Paul VI more than … Continue reading

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