Envy and the Need for Mercy

One NCReg commenter, Ronald Jones, noted the backlash at this post against Paul Inwood’s composition being selected as the official “hymn” for the Jubilee of Mercy:

Your attitude and comments are an unbelievable display of unchristian behavior. They are however, a reminder of how much we need a year of mercy.

I didn’t find this blogger’s take any more edifying.

gambit profileThe motivation on this kind of commentary might well be described as catty. Fashionists trash an outfit because they dislike the creator. Opponents diss an athlete who plays for a disliked team. Mutterers against the kid who got picked to give the speech. No matter that complainers have been bested as designers, scorers, or by better grades. Or, in the case of Mr Inwood’s critics, they’ve even got the decade wrong.

I know Charles defends the body of CMAA against the regular foibles of its web presence. But the web presence is what gets noticed. And it is under the banner of the association. Maybe new members are inspired by the quiet diligence of a non-blogging church musician. Maybe potential new members do a quick search online, come to the forum, the Café, or one of its blogging sites. Do they see the same attraction?


I don’t remember a publicly announced contest for this honor. Perhaps detractors didn’t either. Or perhaps their contributions were not selected, and it burns not to be in first place.


About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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