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Cinquant’anni Dopo 1-2

Cardinal Robert Sarah’s June 2015 essay for L’Osservatore Romano has made significant rounds, especially on reform2 sites. It’s not a terribly long piece, and I thought it worthwhile to have an in-depth look at it. I’ve used an “early” translation, … Continue reading

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A New Marriage Order

A quarter of a century after the 1990 release of the Latin second edition of the¬†Order of Celebrating Matrimony we have an approved English translation. The US request for optional inclusion of the Litany of Saints after the homily was … Continue reading

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On My Bookshelf: Into That Silent Sea

What a magnificent book! It’s been my bedtime reading for the past week. And what a ride. Almost four hundred pages are divided into ten chapters and a pile of references. Each chapter offers from one to a few brief … Continue reading

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Dives in Misericordiae 15c: An Ardent Prayer

Is action alone on the table? St John Paul also suggests prayer. Everything that I have said in the present document on mercy should therefore be continually transformed into an ardent prayer: into a cry that implores mercy according to … Continue reading

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Laudato Si 65: Looking to the Bible

The encyclical letter Laudato Si is available here on the Vatican website. Section II addresses¬†“THE WISDOM OF THE BIBLICAL ACCOUNTS.” We start with a brief synopsis of Genesis. 65. Without repeating the entire theology of creation, we can ask what … Continue reading

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