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Interesting thread on selecting Down Syndrome children for abortions here. Friend and occasional commenter Crystal has an insistent presence in the commentariat there. What do you think of her assessment here: … given the ferocity of the pro-life movement, abortions … Continue reading

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Who Saves

William Oddie struggles with being called out on some basic Christian theology: I have been pondering on one response to a blog I wrote recently, the headline of which ended “Few understand this pontificate: but it’s the Church that saves … Continue reading

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Cinquant’anni Dopo 10-11: In the Person of Christ

We continue our examination of Cardinal Robert Sarah’s June 2015 essay for L’Osservatore Romano. I’ve used an “early” translation, attributed here to Michael J. Miller at Catholic World Report. Others are out there. The dialogues are among the most important … Continue reading

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Laudato Si 71: God Offers Renewal

The encyclical letter Laudato Si is available here on the Vatican website. Noah was just, and through the grace of God, was the cornerstone of a fresh start for humankind: 71. Although “the wickedness of man was great in the … Continue reading

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