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Funeral Prayers

Image credit. One complaint from hard-core Catholics on funerals is that in the last half-century, the liturgy has become rather mushy on the topic of the last things. Admittedly, homilists get the brunt of this criticism, like here. Other criticism, … Continue reading

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Medjugorje Fade

The Catholic Herald thinks pilgrimages to the Herzegovinian town have fallen off by half in recent months. A Vatican investigation has been completed, and the word will soon be out, so we hear. Has Pope Francis tipped his hand in … Continue reading

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Cinquant’anni Dopo 15: Priests At Liturgy

Cardinal Robert Sarah offers a few words for priests in his June 2015 essay for L’Osservatore Romano. If the liturgy is Christ’s work, is it necessary for the celebrant to interject his own comments? We should remember that, when the missal … Continue reading

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Laudato Si 74: Trials and Persecution

The encyclical letter Laudato Si is available here on the Vatican website. Pope Francis links the experience of the Babylonian Exile and the Roman persecution. Each was a time for believers to reflect more deeply when the world offered antagonism. … Continue reading

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