pine coneSo there are almost five-hundred trees on Planet Earth for every human being. At the time of Jesus it was 25,000 to 1. That’s just a guess.

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  1. Liam says:

    Hard to say about 2000 years ago. It was that much closer to the end of the Ice Age. The Amazonian basin was just changing from grassland to forest.

    The Northeast corner of sub-boreal North America is more forested now than it’s been in about 250 years: the soil here just naturally invites trees to take root and hold fast if the soil is left undisturbed for a year. Were humanity to be wiped out, the most significant physical evidence of our civilization in this area would likely be the myriad thousands of miles of granite curbs – they would gradually heave as trees took over paved areas, but the deep slabs of granite would still be more or less organized in non-random patterns. The landscape of New England still has enough stone walls to cover the distance from Earth to the Sun – it’s just that a lot them are now in reforested areas (and get stolen for use by contractors who want to offer stones with lichen and mosses in new construction).

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