Cura Personalis

Two pieces that struck me when placed in companionship …

Pope Francis, last Thursday:

(Doing theology) on one’s knees, means encouraging thought when praying and prayer when thinking.

From the ABC news report:

Many of the audience members who got a chance to participate in the landmark ABC News virtual audience with Pope Francis were moved by his compassion — many to tears.

What I detect in threads seemingly unconnected is God’s recognition of the whole of the human person.

Individuals play to their strengths and mask weaknesses. It is how many of us in the West are schooled. We emphasize a single aspect we find we can do pretty well: the head, the heart, or someone else’s head or heart.

Depending on one’s surroundings, we might find emotions treated with skepticism. In church music, for example, what gives pleasure is doubted. Displays of enthusiasm are distrusted.

In the secular world, believers do not bring prayer to their work (for example). We do not pray when thinking. And sometimes elsewhere, we do not think when praying–we remain satisfied with a certain routine.

It would be an Ignatian way to embrace all of these disparate parts of ourselves–and our communities. Andy Otto’s brief essay pulls it together.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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